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Jennii Tran grew up on a farm in Da Lat City, Vietnam, where she assisted her family with farming duties like watering, fertilizing, and harvesting various crops. In 1996, her family relocated to Los Angeles to pursue the American dream. In 2007, she began working for a trucking company that transported produce for retailers and wholesalers. The company frequently received requests from business owners seeking specialty Oriental produce, sparking Jennii’s interest in the produce industry.

In 2009, she worked at a small warehouse, procuring produce from local farmers. She devoted long hours to expanding the business. Today, she is a well-known figure in the produce industry, operating from a modern warehouse and importing produce from various parts of the world. Jennii decided to rename her company CTD Distribution using the initials of her three children. Coming from an immigrant family, she was given an opportunity to build a better life and believes in the concept of “Pay it Forward.” Jennii works diligently to grow her company and will continue to strive for the American dream.